Adam Samuel advises businesses, law firms and regulators on financial services regulation and practice. He also resolves international commercial disputes and helps arbitrators and lawyers involved in them.


Adam Samuel regularly writes analysis of major regulatory developments for financial services journals, newsletters, books and online news services on a commercial basis.

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Adam Samuel offers training in three main areas; compliance, complaint handling and dispute resolution with each course having the same basic objectives:

  • Getting it right first time
  • Speeding up the team's work
  • Staff personal development

Having been head of both Enforcement and Supervision Divisions at the Financial Conduct Authority and more recently acting Chief Executive, Tracey Mc Dermott has found herself on the job market.

Adam helps a wide range of organisations from dispute resolution centres, regulators, lawyers & publishers to life assurers and small IFAs. For a complete list click here.

"Consumer Complaints and Compensation: A Guide to the Financial Services Market" City & Financial

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