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The Challenges

  1. Handling periodic shortages of expert staff. Dealing with issues outside the competence of established or available staff. Sudden increases in workloads.
  2. Overcoming the dearth of high quality researchers on both legal and technical issues.
  3. Finding someone who can resolve disputes between parties
  4. Need to think out of the box or in a different way when faced with unusual issues
  5. Absence of writing and editing experience, particularly at odd hours of the day to meet emergencies
  6. Understanding technical financial services issues.
  7. Lack of experience working with multiple legal systems particularly in the dispute resolution field
  8. Finding expert witnesses with expertise in financial services or international arbitration who understand the litigation context
  9. Absence of experience at dealing with consumer financial services law and complaints and the Financial Ombudsman Service


Help for you

Adam helps a wide range of organisations like yours - from dispute resolution centres, law firms and publishers to life assurers and small IFAs. For a complete list click here

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