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"Adam Samuel is an independent compliance consultant who will tell anyone no matter who they are what the right answer is." Fay Goddard

"Consumer Complaints and Compensation: A Guide to the Financial Services Market" City & Financial


Adam delivers training in three different ways. First, he goes to companies and goes through specimen problems using material supplied by the business as a way of illustrating the issues under discussion. Secondly, Adam delivers workshops for Infoline at their venues where participants come from different companies and share their experiences. Finally, Adam delivers in-company training through Infoline using its back-up and venues.

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CASE WORKSHOPS Once a team has taken a course, it is ready for a case workshop. On these occasions, we work through specimen problems and issues selected by the company concerned.

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Adam helps a wide range of organisations like yours - from dispute resolution centres, law firms and publishers to life assurers and small IFAs. For a complete list click here

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