Adam Samuel writes on financial services, dispute resolution, private international law and other topics.

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Financial Services

"Consumer Complaints and Compensation, 2 ed" Thomas Reuters, 2017

Click here now for the MiFID II supplement to the book

Click here now for the Payment Services Directive and Regulations supplement to the book

The judgement of the Gibraltar High Court in van Geens v. Jyske Bank, November 2014.

Financial Promotions and the new media

Where property investment and financial services regulation collide

Financial Services and the Human Rights Act - some myths

The Re-drafting DISP Group's version of DISP (with commentary)

Limitation and consumer financial services complaints
Endowments, FOS, DISP and the law


My re-draft of the New York Convention : Copyright Adam Samuel 2014

Separability of Arbitration Clauses
- Some awkward questions about the law on contracts, conflict of laws and the administration of justice.

Stolt-Nielsen, Rent-A-Center and Granite Rock, the US Supreme Court's 2010 trilogy - could do so much better

Imperialism in International Arbitration
- Lawyers, Statutes and Scoundrels. Published in Imperialisme et chauvinisme juridiques, Swiss Institute of Comparative Law, Schulthess, Lausanne, 2004, 193.

- A tale of "Litispendance", arbitration and private International law published in Liber Amicorum Claude Reymond: Autour L'Arbitrage, Litec, Paris 2004, 255.

International Arbitration
- The games lawyers play to mess up, dodge and make people pay up after arbitrations.

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