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The Challenges

  1. Dealing with complaints from customers or helping them make claims both of which if unsuccessful could result in a serious threat to the survival of the business.
  2. Carrying out investigations, writing opinions and drafting final responses or other correspondence that result in the payment of claims by insurers and the rejection of complaints against the firm by FOS.
  3. Developing sustainable compliant relationships with clients while making profits. Ending relationships safely.
  4. Handling complaints effectively while too close to the people and issues involved and retain customers.
  5. Dealing with sometimes obstructive PI insurers.
  6. Helping customers make claims and bring complaints successfully.
  7. Building safe procedures for developing client relationships, from producing clear client agreements to delivering a quality service for which the customer will be happy to pay.
  8. Building a positive relationship with the Financial Conduct Authority and dealing with the threat of disciplinary action,
  9. Making product providers handle complaints correctly and provide cover when they promise it.


Help for you

Adam helps a wide range of organisations like yours - from dispute resolution centres, law firms and publishers to life assurers and small IFAs. For a complete list click here

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