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“Tax havens: evil under the sun?”, Compliance Monitor, 1 June 2016

“Delving into the past in order to see the ethics code that applies in future”, Financial Planning, July 2015

“Angela Burns, the conflicted non-executive director”, Complinet, 18 December 2014

“Unravelling the code: Revamped Ethics guidance issued for all IFP’s members”, Financial Planning, June 2014

“Ethics and their efficacy”, Compliance Monitor, 27 May 2014  

“Culture and Compliance”, Compliance Resource Network, 19 July 2013

“What are ethics anyway?”, Compliance Monitor, November 2010

"Ethics and the City: scenarios 11 and 12 discussed" Complinet 27 December 2002

"Ethics and the City: scenarios nine and ten discussed" Complinet 28th November 2002

"Ethics and the City: FSA scenarios seven and eight discussed" Complinet 26 November 2002

"Ethics and the City: FSA scenarios five and six discussed" Complinet 15 November 2002

"An ethical framework for financial services: considering the FSA's scenarios (I)" Complinet 8 Nov 2002

"The Disciplinary Committee expels a member for the first time" Financial Planner, Autumn 2002 at p. 14.

"Protecting your interests" Financial Planner, Summer 2000, 8

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