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“Advisers do not benefit from their day in court”, Money Marketing, 9 June 2014

“What bad compliance looks like” Compliance Monitor, 2 May 2014

"PS04/10: Changes to the T&C Rules" Compliance Online 7th April 2004

"CP04/6: Deckchairs, a ship and an iceberg" Compliance Online 6th April 2004

"Cover me: the FSA's final rules on PI insurance" Compliance Online 27 January 2004

"Comment: PS177: Lloyd's is coralled into the FSCS" Complinet 24 Oct 2003

"Comment: CP 199 - another miscellany" Complinet 23 Sep 2003

"Consumer Financial Services Law" International Tracing of Assets, Vol 1, ed. Andrew Kielty, FT Law & Tax 2003, B2

"CP174 feedback: viewing the perimeter, capital requirements and client money" Complinet 9 September 2003

"Comment: CP193 the FSA trying to dodge the PI bullet" Complinet 1 August 2003

"Comment: CP191 - deckchairs and the Titanic" Complinet 28 July 2003

"DWP's report on the Green Paper: Will it change pensions before everyone grows old? Complinet 16 June 2003

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